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Here’s Our Story of Consistency in Quality Service Delivery!

Sachit Elites is a very passionate organization that works with a team of specific industry experts, engineers and workforce staff members to offer maintenance services across all sectors. We understand your need to live in a safe space where all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems work seamlessly.

Following that, we also make sure that the breathing environment you work or live in should be healthy and hygienic. We have been in this building maintenance industry for a long time now. Starting from electrical works, we cover almost all maintenance services, including deep cleaning, carpentry, painting, supply of building materials and much more.

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Why Choose Sachit Elites?


Our vision is to offer our clients and customers excellent services by sticking with sustainable methods or approaches. We intend to be the market leader in the industry with our exceptional maintenance services for residential and commercial properties.

Time Saver

With our dedicated maintenance services, you do not have to wait after registering your service complaint. Our team will be deployed immediately to address your problems and give you an ideal solution. Moreover, our team will also suggest any necessary upgrades you should make to ensure the longevity of the dedicated system.

Clarity in Communication

We ensure complete transparency with our clients. In this quest, we will make sure that you are aware of every maintenance, repair or replacement measure we take for your property systems. No service will be executed without your consent. Our executives will give you a clear description of all the necessary amendments within a system. Following your consent, our team will source the products and finish the work.

We Offer an All-Round Maintenance Solution for Your Property!

We have a big team of experts trained efficiently to take on almost all odd maintenance jobs on your property. Our clients also have the feasibility to avail bundled services to get an all-round inspection and maintenance for the systems within their property. Sachit Elites is passionate and backed by a team of expert service professionals. 


Our team members are educated to meet the client’s satisfaction at all costs and deliver quality services to offer adequate value, corresponding to our reasonable pricing. Today’s urban environments are imposing immense pressure on the systems embedded within residential and commercial structures. To ensure such systems don’t break down to cost you a hefty repair expense, it’s ideal to seek timely maintenance. Hence, this is where Sachit Elites comes to the scene.

Frequently ask Questions

Does Sachit Elites deal with the swimming pool repair work?

Yes, we have a dedicated team to work on the swimming pool repair and maintenance needs. Our experts will do all the preparatory measures to clean your pool within a specified time. They will also suggest suggestions to keep the pool maintained for a long time. 

Can you do an all-round check of our electrical systems?

Upon request, our team will help you with a complete assessment of the electrical systems. All flaws and potential loose ends within the electrical system will be fixed with your consent. 

Are your prices reasonable for building maintenance services?

Our prices are substantially less than that of the market. We ensure convenience to our clients, for which we do not go over the charts to keep our profit margins. Thus, our prices are reasonable and offer adequate service value. 

How trained are the engineers in your team?

All the engineers in our team are highly educated and have the field experience to work on various complex electrical or mechanical systems. Therefore, be assured that they will get the job done with fine technical implementations. 

What is your process of determining which expert is suitable for the job?

Upon your elaboration of the maintenance or service needs, we will decide on which expert or engineer would be suitable for the job. Following that, our team members will coordinate with you to discuss the root problems and possible solutions. 

Our Team

William Jackson

WordPress Dev.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary

William Jackson

WordPress Dev.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary

William Jackson

WordPress Dev.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary

Here’s What Our Happy Customers Have to Say!

I was worried about how to fix my troubling air conditioners in the workspace. With the outside temperature rising, working with a faulty air conditioner was difficult. But, thanks to Sachit Elites for a quick response to my problem and for getting things sorted at a very minimal cost.

I was out with my in-laws for a month, and when I returned, my house was stinking like hell. I didn’t know what to do and called upon Sachit Elites, as one of my friends recommended their service for deep cleaning solutions. And every person who came for the job was truly professional. They were very hygiene-specific and made my home sparkle like new.

My house needed a paint job done after ages. I didn’t want to take up the hassle of buying colours and hiring any unprofessional guy for the job. So, I tried hiring Sachit Elites for the property maintenance and paint job work. I didn’t expect them to be so quick and perfect with their job. I recommend them.

I recently shifted to a new house, and it needed a thorough maintenance check-up, especially the plumbing lines. I saw water leakage from almost all taps around the property. An inspection and repair team from Sachit Elites approached the address and asked me for a day’s time. The next day, I found everything fixed, and I even paid a tip, even though they denied it. Thank you for this quick job!

My office building had some serious issues with the electrical lines, and my employees were complaining of getting shocks while they touched their work desks. So, I thought this might be a serious problem and called in Sachit Elites for the job. They told me there was an earthing issue they fixed in just a few hours.

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